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“Beta” version of the Integral Perspectives blog?

This is the first run of the blog.  I’m testing the concept and getting feedback about the essays.  In about 12 months I plan to begin to re-release the series starting from the beginning, with improvements, and distributed to a wider audience.

Please send your thoughts, suggestions, corrections

As mentioned above, this is the “beta” run of these essays.  They are drafts in my mind.  I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions at any level:  grammar and spelling corrections; disagreements; philosophical musings; pointers to related books and web sites, etc.  You can send me an email ( .at. or post a comment in the Reply box at the bottom of the blog post for all to see.  (see next item)

As it says above the Comment section of a page: “You must be logged in to post a comment.”  Click on that link to create an account for yourself. 

Registering and “subscribing to a Feed”

“Subscribe to Feed” appears near the top and bottom of the pages. For more info about Feeds see.

Replies (Comments) — entering a community dialog

Feel free to post Replies (Comments) to the post and to other’s Comments.  (Click on the Essay’s title and then scroll to the bottom.)  I will occasionally clean them up.  Please don’t be disappointed if I eventually remove your post.  I want to hear from everyone, but also for future readers I want the Reply’s under the Essays to add value to the post.  Your post of the nature of “I liked that one Tom!” and spelling corrections are greatly appreciated and will be noted and eventually pruned.

What about the artwork?

Unless it says otherwise, I created the images (obviously, remixed from other sources, which I have URLs for if needed).  I’ve been having fun with Photoshop.  I’d like to post artwork created by friends and colleagues as well.  The images with each page may have only an obscure relationship to the page’s content.

Guest Essays

Eventually I would also like to host “guest essays” by friends and colleagues.  Start thinking about it!

Should I read the essays in order?

The essays are written in a sequence with certain ideas introduced at an introductory level and then spiraling deeper in and among various related themes.  Most essays will give links to other essays with “prerequisite” content.  But most are also written to be read assuming no prior reading. 

Where is it all leading? Are the essays pre-written?

Though the posts in this blog can be read as a wandering sequence of essays on related topics of interest to me, I actually do have a grand scheme of sorts.  I will eventually be integrating several themes in a novel way, but this depends on first setting the groundwork for a couple dozen concepts.  The essays are <em>not>/em> pre-written with me only parceling them out in sequence.  I have an abundance of scribbled notes and unfinished and published articles that I am drawing from, and I have a general sense of where it is all going. But I’m writing them as I go, usually with drafts of several essays already started ahead of the one just published.  The path it will all take and the exact form of the final solution is a wonderful unfolding mystery.

For a list of future topics see this page

This is a blog!  And Wikipedia turns out to be a terrific and reliable source for many topics, including those in philosophy and psychology

What is a “Supplemental” Essay?

In these essays I will use the tag “Supplemental” to indicate a piece that cleans up or extends the ideas of the previous essay (or essays). These are less central to the progression of ideas of the posted essays and are good ones to skip if you want to skip some. Also, I put less effort into trying to make them interesting, adding images, or grounding them in examples or story lines.

What software is being used for this blog/website?

This is a WordPress Blog with various customizations being run from my service.  Theme is Tarski.